In a pinch for dinner tonight? Try this easy *and delicious* recipe with only 6 ingredients!

Whether you’re new to cooking (like me) or you’ve been cooking for years, you will love this easy recipe! It’s only six ingredients and it’s under $15! This recipe makes a couple of servings so you can save some for lunch tomorrow. My husband and I are learning how to cook (I talk more about it in my 13 facts about me post), but we discovered this recipe and I just had to share. It’s only six ingredients and it’s under $15!

We actually discovered this recipe while trying to make stuffed bell peppers. We spent so much time preparing the bell peppers, but we ended up only liking the stuffing. We have made it so many times since we first discovered it and we still love it. It’s fun to cook this recipe with your friends or your significant other, but it’s also easy to make by yourself. My husband likes chopping and I like everything else, so we cook perfectly together. I love that you can also change things up and try adding different things.


  1. 1 pound of Italian seasoned ground turkey
  2. 1 large white onion
  3. 4 small bell peppers (color of your choice, but we prefer red and orange)
  4. 1 bag of rice (one 8 ounce bag of Uncle Ben’s Ready Medley Santa Fe minute rice)
  5. 1 can of corn (one 15 ounce can of Del Monte Fresh Cut Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn)
  6. 1 can of black beans (one 15 ounce can of Bush’s best black beans)
  7. The seventh ingredient is lettuce or tortillas and it is optional.

You will also need two saucepans, a knife, and a cutting board. If the cans do not have a poptop, you will also need a can opener.


  1. Chop the onion and bell peppers into small pieces. Spray the pan with pam and put oil in a large pan. Pour the onion and bell peppers in the pan. Sautee until they are crisp.
    *This step takes the longest, try to do this step first if you can! My husband and I split the chopping this time ?.
  2. In a different pan, put the ground turkey. Spray the pan with pam. No extra spices/oils are necessary. Make sure to cook it thoroughly until there is no more pink. This Italian seasoned turkey is seriously so good, I could eat it by itself!
  3. When the turkey is almost done (fully brown), put the bag of rice in the microwave.
  4. When the onions and bell peppers lose their color, put them in the same pan as the ground turkey. Put the rice in the same pan.
  5. Drain the juice of the corn and black beans. Put the corn and black beans in a bowl in the microwave for 1 minute each.
  6. When the corn and black beans are done, put them in the same pan as the ground turkey, onions, bell peppers, and rice. Mix well.
  7. This is an optional step. You can add lettuce and make it a lettuce wrap or add a tortilla and make a taco. If you make it a taco, add guacamole.
  8. Enjoy!

If you try this recipe, let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear if you put a different spin on it as well.


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