Review: Facial Rollers

Ladies, if you’ve been looking for something that will reduce wrinkles and puffiness around your eyes at an affordable price, look no further! Kitsch has a ritual cleanse facial roller in rose quartz and real jade for only $15!

I’ve only been using the rose quartz roller for a week and I can already say it’s great! It’s seriously like a massage for your face. You can also use it on your neck. It’s the perfect tool to add to your skincare routine.

There are so many different tools, creams, masks, out there and I am so glad I tried this one (not to mention, it’s affordable). You all know how expensive anti-aging products can be. I actually didn’t know how to use a facial roller before I received it. I saw bloggers using them, but I didn’t know what they did or even how to use them.

The facial roller helps reduce puffiness and massage away stress. You should use it daily to create tighter, rejuvenated skin to give you a healthy glow. It also relaxes and cools your face and neck while improving blood flow and circulation. In time, this will help minimize fine lines and pores.

The box comes with instructions and you can google a tutorial if you want additional information, but it’s super easy to use. You just roll it all over your face and neck. If our moms taught us anything growing up, it’s to take good care of our skin, especially if you wear make up every day like me 🙂

This is the best (and most relaxing) tool to use after a long day at work (thank me later!).

For an additional benefit, put your roller in the refrigerator or on ice. This will help your skin increase circulation, stimulate collagen and get rid of toxins (bye bye junk food) even more.

Shop the Kitsch facial rollers:

This is just my review after a week, so I will continue to update this post as I see more results.

I hope this was helpful if you’re thinking of getting a facial roller! Leave a comment if you’re planning to buy one or already have one and love it! Would love to hear your thoughts.


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