Review: *My experience* with Spray Tans

Hi friends! I have a confession. I am 29 years old and I just had my first spray tan. I know what you’re thinking, why didn’t I get one for prom, or a banquet or even my wedding. I am thinking the same thing. Better late than never…right!?

So! Here I am pale (thanks to the changing weather, I thought spring was coming…thanks for teasing us, Phil) and I noticed my makeup stopped matching my face. And it’s not just a little darker, but I’m in denial and don’t want to go down a shade of makeup. I’ve been thinking about getting a spray tan for a while, but then I saw a $20 promo for Palm Beach Tan and obviously I thought this was a sign (keep reading though, by the time I left, it was double the price because of “add-ons”, you’ll learn more below!).

What not to do before and after (aka what I wish I knew before I went):

Do not wear leggings or a bra to or from the spray tan (wear loose clothes). Wear flip flops. Do not work out after your spray tan. Do not drink water straight from a cup after your spray tan (use a straw). Even though you didn’t use a tanning bed, you’re probably going to smell like one and have that scent. They can give you an “add-on” to fix the scent, but I did not get one (I wish I did now). Do not shower for 8 hours after your spray tan. You can purchase another “add-on” to shower in half the time (4 hours instead of 8). Watch the price of these “add-ons” though, they ended up costing as much as the actual spray tan. Do not shave your legs after your spray tan, if you need to shave, do it before (I really wish I thought of this ahead of time ;)). Do not wash your hands immediately after.

Within the first 30 minutes after getting my spray tan, I had accidentally rubbed it off the bottom of my legs due to all of the above (again, don’t wear leggings). It’s interesting when it comes off, it’s actually clumpy.

If you drink anything after (8 hours is a long time), drink from a straw, not a cup, so you don’t get streaks. I usually don’t spill after drinking, but apparently I do after a spray tan and the water causes a streak.

These are all things I wish they told me when I called ahead of getting one lolz. You live and you learn.

My experience:

So because I’ve never had a spray tan before and I didn’t know what to do, I left it (my whole life…or it felt like it) all in the hands of the two ladies working there. They were so sweet and very helpful. But, they signed me up for “dark” color. They obviously thought I was pale too. I was very nervous because I didn’t want it to look orange, I just wanted to look like I got some Vitamin D and that my makeup matched. Who wants to go a shade down on their make up color? Not me.

I used to have tan skin at all times (thanks to Tennis, I had a farmers tan too, but at least I was tan). If you can’t tone it, tan it, right? So you’d think.

The ladies working there walked me through all of the packages and all of the “add-ons.” There were “add-ons” for everything you can think of. I just got the primer (this is lotion to prepare your skin before the tan). I probably didn’t even put it on evenly because I was trying to rush to get in the booth (the tanning booth kept saying she was ready). Yes, she talks! And I know what you’re wondering, but it’s not like Friends where Ross forgets to turn around and doesn’t get the spray tan on his back. Although, I had a moment in the booth where I was worried she wasn’t going to tell me to turn around so I quickly did! And I still had 30 seconds before I had to turn. Plenty of time.

Before I got in the booth, I put on a hair net to protect my hair (I didn’t cover my ears with it so they would get tan too). I did not put on the booties or goggles because I didn’t want a weird line (it’s funny I was so worried about lines before I got in there). So once you’re ready (after the primer and hair net), you get in the machine and you wave your hand over a flashing button to start (so high tech!).

One word of advice before you get in the machine – make sure you ask how to stand with your arms and your neck (very important) so you get an all over (even) tan before you get in the booth. Sounds weird, but you’ll be happy you did it (things I wish I knew before the spray tan). My white finger creases and neck will thank me next time.

The booth sprays the stuff (idk what it’s actually called) on your front side for a couple of seconds (or maybe minutes) and then you turn to do your back (it has you wait for a couple of seconds to dry in between). You are standing the whole time, there’s even markings for your feet so you know where to stand. After you get both sides, you stand still to dry for a minute, but the machine keeps talking about what to do when you get out so I counted to 45 seconds then jumped out, just in case. When you get out, your hands may be a little wet. There should be wipes in the room (make sure to wipe off your fingernails and toenails).

What to do after your spray tan:

After that, you’re all set! Do not shower for 8 hours and make sure to wear loose clothing (do not wear tight clothes, it will rub off the spray tan) and all of the things I listed above.

The ladies at the front told me to watch my color after my spray tan and if I think it’s getting too dark, to jump in the shower (just use soap, don’t scrub or use a loofah). This should help the color should stop intensifying and getting darker (just what I wanted to hear)!

Good luck and enjoy that bronzed (that’s an “add-on” too) look, girl!

Day 1:

New tan face, who dis. I woke up like this.

I’ll be honest with y’all, I showered before I went to sleep. I got nervous and I didn’t want to ruin my white sheets or wake up too dark. I am really happy I did since it was my first time. And now, I’ll know what to expect next time!

To my delight, my makeup matched my face this morning, so that was very positive! I lightly showered (just soap, no scrubbing). I’ve also realized how much I wash my hands when I’m not supposed to, #germaphobe.

Update after two weeks:

Y’all I LOVED my spray tan, I wish it lasted longer than 2 weeks! I do feel like I am back to my first pale color, which is the only bummer and I did smell like a tanning bed for the first week. Even I wasn’t a fan of the smell. I would get the “add-on” for the scent and I wouldn’t shower after 4 hours next time, I’ll wait 5 hours (kidding). I was so nervous to touch anything and shower too much the first week but it really does work. The more you shower and wash your hands, the faster it will fade. My hands were definitely the first to fade. The good news is summer is just around the corner so you can get tan outside and get a spray tan to get an all over even tan or if you’re in a pinch. I will definitely be getting another one or try an airbrush!

Have you had a spray tan before? Any lessons learned? Would love to hear about your experience. I might have to try an airbrush tan next time, after I see a promo of course ;).


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