Travel Guide: Scottsdale, Arizona

Hi friends! I am so excited to be writing this travel guide. If you’ve ever thought about visiting Scottsdale, you need to! If it’s not on your list, you need to add it now! My husband and I went for a weekend trip and we had SO much fun!

We went for the weekend and we would definitely go back. We stayed at a golf resort and it was the best decision! We were so close to so many fun things (not to mention a golf course). Here are some of the fun things we did and the amazing places we ate at:

Things to do:

Camelback Mountain: So everyone we talked to before we visited Scottsdale said we had to go to Camelback Mountain and hike and it’s definitely a must. Y’all I am not even a hiker and I would recommend this. There are two different trails, make sure to research which experience you want (there is an “easy” and a “hard” trail, they’re honestly probably the same…both hard). It had great views, but it was definitely an experience. I also couldn’t believe how busy it was! Lots of people going up and down and everyone is so nice! Definitely a must do, but set aside 3+ hours for the hike.

Hot air balloon: We went on a sunrise hot air balloon ride, and it was an early wake-up call (word of advice, if you’re going to uber make sure to check 15-20 min before you need to leave to order an uber). I had never been on a hot air balloon and it was super fun! We went on my actual birthday and what an experience. They do pack in a lot of people in one hot air balloon so you get a little close and personal with the people around you, but we had the best pilot and he made it so much fun! The sights were great and you go over Camelback Mountain and see a lot of cactuses and other hot air balloons! If you go for the sunrise tour, make sure to dress warmly!

Butterfly Wonderland & OdySea Aquarium: I know what you’re thinking – an aquarium in Scottsdale… I was thinking the same thing, but honestly, it was awesome! You can even touch the stingrays and there are a lot of different experiences you can do in the aquarium like a seatrek helmet diving experience, a penguin encounter and a shark behind the scenes encounter. There’s even a cool experience where you sit in a chair and get to tour different exhibits in the aquarium. The Butterfly wonderland is just one of the other attractions you can do with the aquarium. The Butterfly Wonderland is the largest butterfly conservatory in America with an indoor conservatory and tropical rainforest where butterflies fly freely. Very cool experience. There are a bunch of other attractions like Pangaea: land of the dinosaurs, a laser and mirror maze and a whole lot more.


Animal Sanctuary: We didn’t get to go to one while we visited, but I heard great things about these. You can even pet the animals, definitely check it out if you have time.

Golf and relax by the pool – I don’t think I need to describe any more here 🙂

Places to eat:

Hash Kitchen – Okay I was in heaven when I went here. It is literally a fashion/lifestyle/travel/Instagram person’s paradise. Great sayings on the walls, a DJ, mimosa flights, cereal + alcohol flights, build your own bloody mary bar (and it’s huge, it was so busy I didn’t get a picture) delicious food, do I really need to say more? This was my favorite place.

Cold Beers and Cheeseburgers – I do like burgers, but it’s not normally my top food to want and boy were these burgers delicious. Not to mention, huge. I wanted to go back for every meal and that’s saying something for someone who doesn’t normally crave burgers.

O.S.H.O Brewery – this brewery was so fun! Great atmosphere and ambiance, we even sat outside and had the fanciest meat plate and buffalo chicken dip. So delicious and there were tons of games (cornhole, ping pong) and this place was so busy! Great to try new beers too, they have so many different options (including Coffee options).

The Montauk – this place had the best atmosphere and it was such a cute place! (shout out to linds.catherineblog for this recommendation) I seriously felt like I was on the show Summer House. They have an awesome patio (heated and a fireplace), I am only sad we didn’t get a chance to eat here because I bet it would have been delicious!

Farm and Craft (shout out to linds.catherineblog for this recommendation as well :)) – this place reminded me of a True Food Kitchen or Flower Child. Great place for dinner with so many different options and drinks!

Oreganos – if you know me, you know how much I love Pizza so of course we had to try this place and it did not disappoint. You can get thin, pan or deep dish pizza. We got pan pizza and it was so good and so filling! We even had leftovers and we never have leftovers! We also had the BEST cookie dough and ice cream skillet dessert and we could have honestly just gone here for the dessert, so good!

The Henry – this place sounds awesome! It was a great recommendation from linds.catherineblog, but we weren’t able to visit this place. Highly recommend if you have time!

Have you been to Scottsdale? What are your favorite places? Would love to hear from y’all!


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