Review: L’Oréal Ever Pure Sulfate Free Hair Products

Hi friends! Are you in a hair-rut? Do you get your hair colored often? Want to take care of your hair without spending a ton? Wondering what a sulfate free product is? If you answered yes to any of the above, keep reading.

Sulfates are a cleaning agent designed to cleanse the hair. This could also cause your color to fade more quickly and undo a keratin treatment.

If you have dry or damaged hair (thanks to heat styling products or getting color in your hair), sulfate products can cleanse your hair of the oils you need. They can also weaken fragile hair and can dry out your hair follicles. If you do use products with sulfate, you can try to mix it up with a sulfate-free once a week to strengthen your hair and undo any damage from the sulfate products.

L’Oréal Ever Pure has a hair line of sulfate free products. I was lucky to try two products complimentary, thanks to Influenster. I tried the sulfate free blonde shampoo and conditioner.

The EverPure Blonde products balance blonde hair and neutralize brassiness. They both smell amazing and my hair feels so soft (and looks shiny) when I use them. I’ve been using them for a couple of weeks and I really like them; perfect for color treated hair because there are no harsh sulfates or salts that can dull and damage hair. Not to mention sulfates can make your color fade quickly.

The best part about these products? They are under $10, so you can save your hair without breaking the bank. If you’re like me, you will spend money to get your hair done, but you don’t think about the hair care products you use every day.

Now, thanks to L’Oréal, you can use sulfate free products at a great price and save your hair from damage.

They have a ton of options too. I tried the blonde, but there’s volume, moisture, repair and defend and many more.

Have you used Loreal Products before? Which one is your favorite?


Sparling in Style

*Disclaimer – this is my personal review for my hair and information from research I have done online. Every hair is different, it’s always good to try different products and see what works the best for you.*

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