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Yay, you’re engaged! Now what? Engagement Pictures

Congrats, you’re engaged! Now what? This post will be about Engagement pictures.

Engagement pictures are pictures you can keep forever. They can be displayed at your wedding and on your save the dates.

The engagement shoot is a great way to help you and your fiancé get to know your photographer. It’s also a way to have fun with your fiancé and get excited for the big day!

engagement pictures engagement pictures

Here are some tips for planning your engagement photos:

First, you will need to find a photographer.

Most of the time, when you book a photographer for your wedding, they have engagement or bridal pictures included in the full package.

If you haven’t found your photographer, check out The Knot or Wedding Wire. They have tons of great reviews. As I mentioned in 6 tips to start wedding planning, you can get a lot of information about vendors before you even contact them. This includes price, location and their specialty.

Pick a location and think of the time of day.

You can google “best engagement pictures in your city” or use Instagram and Pinterest for location ideas. Think about the time of day and how busy the area will be. Do you want to take pictures at sunset? Will it be windy, rainy, sunny that day? Will it be on a weekend? Account for time to get ready on the day of your shoot and traffic to the location. Talk to your photographer about different location ideas and get their feedback.

I knew I wanted our pictures at the lake and our photographer gave us three options to choose from. It also helps if the photographer is knowledgeable about the area has shot at that location before. They will know the best spots and poses for your pictures.

Coordinate with your photographer on outfit changes.

Outfit changes depend on the time allotted for your shoot. We had two outfit changes. Discuss outfit changes with your photographer and the number of changes. Our photographer was awesome and didn’t have a specific time limit, so we didn’t feel stressed about changing and trying different outfits. We decided to stick with two outfit changes because we didn’t want to feel rushed in each outfit. I also didn’t want to start sweating and mess up my hair and make up.

Browse Pinterest for outfit inspiration.

Try to color coordinate with your fiance. Think about your background and what colors would look good in front of it. Think about the time of day you will be taking the pictures as well.

For our first outfit, I wore a dark blue dress and my husband wore a light blue shirt, khaki pants and boots. We took pictures around a lot of green trees and water, so the colors stood out perfectly.

For our second outfit, we showed our college school spirit. I wore a white shirt, burnt orange pants and my husband wore a burnt orange shirt and khakis. We took these pictures when the sun was about to set so our colors mixed perfectly with the scenery.

While you may be tempted to wear white, remember that you will most likely be wearing white for a lot of pictures during this time (wedding, rehearsal dinner bridal shower, bachelorette, engagement pictures). Bright and bold colors will pop on cameraand make sure that you and your fiance are the focus of the pictures. But it is totally personal preference, white looks good with everything!

Wear something comfortable.

If your clothes are too tight or clingy, you may spend time picking at them or constantly pulling them down during the shoot. If you wear something you haven’t worn before, make sure to take some test pictures before the shoot so you know how your pictures will come out. You don’t want to be disappointed or wishing you picked a different outfit after your shoot.

Heels or no heels.

When you think about wearing heels, think about if people will be able to see your heels in the pictures. I wore light pink suede heels; they got stuck in the mud and you can’t see them very well in the pictures (thanks to my pale skin ;)). When thinking about your shoes, think about walking around to different places during the shoot (I wish I thought of this before our shoot). Bring water and a change of shoes if you can’t walk far in your heels.

Iron your clothes ahead of time.

I ironed our clothes the night before. Photographers may not always be able to get out the creases or wrinkles in pictures. You also don’t want to be stressed for time trying to iron your clothes the day of the shoot.

Browse engagement poses and ideas.

Browse on Pinterest, Google and Instagram for engagement pose ideas. I found this super helpful. Send some of your favorites to your photographer ahead of time!

You may even want to practice them…as funny as it sounds, I found this super cute photo where a guy is holding his fiance above his shoulder cheering with his fist up in the air. I thought it was the cutest photo.

Luckily, when I showed it to my fiance, he said “should we practice that first and make sure we can do it before you send it to our photographer?” Well thank goodness he said that, because we definitely didn’t look as cute or happy as the couple in the photo. Sadly, that pose didn’t make the cut in our photos.

Get your hair and make up done or watch a makeup tutorial.

Invest the money to get your hair and makeup professionally done, you will be really happy that you did later. I know its another investment, but it will be worth it because these pictures will last forever. If you don’t want to get your makeup or hair done, watch some tutorials to make sure you stand out in your pictures. 

I got my hair done at Drybar (it was under $100) and my makeup at Blushington (under $100 as well) and they both did a great job! I was nervous about my makeup, so I took inspirational pictures with me and the lady did an awesome job.

For my hair, I had a trial the week before because I was super nervous about my naturally straight hair holding a curl for more than an hour. My trial was awesome but on the day of our shoot, I had to redo a couple of curls before we went to take pictures. Account for any makeup/hair fixes before your shoot.

Act natural during your shoot and just have fun!

If you’ve never had a photo shoot or haven’t had one in a while, you may have forgotten how to pose. It will feel a little awkward at first and you might forget how to smile. I mean it is you, your significant other and a photographer taking pictures. If you get nervous, just look at your partner, that is a sure way to make you both smile. By the end of the shoot, you will be a pro and ready for wedding pictures! We felt so comfortable by the end of our shoot that we started coming up with some last minute, on the spot poses. Luckily, our photographer helped perfect them :).

Convey your ideas to your photographer but be flexible and open-minded.

Based on my Pinterest browsing, I thought I wanted pictures by water, but our photographer had a great vision and took a bunch of greenery pictures. I ended up liking those pictures the best. It’s funny because you may go in with an idea of what you want and then come out of it liking something else a lot better. Be open minded. Listen to your photographer, they will help with where to go and how to pose. Just relax and have fun!

If you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, here are some places in Dallas to take engagement pictures:

White Rock Lake, Filter Building, Dallas Arboretum, the Perot Museum, Dallas Museum of Art, Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, Lakeside Park, Trinity Overlook or Klyde Warren Park.

Happy Wedding Planning! Leave me a comment if you have any engagement picture questions and make sure to keep an eye out for my next post on save the date tips.


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