Top 10 essentials to create the perfect bath

Hi friends! TGIAF! Thank goodness it’s almost Friday, am i right!? If you didn’t already have big plans for today or this upcoming weekend, I have you covered. I am recapping the top essentials you need to have the best bath. Baths are so relaxing and the best way to de-stress after a long day. I even read an article that said a 30 minute bath is the same as working out, so really treat yourself to relax and workout at the same time.

Here are the top 10 bath essentials you need to have the perfect bath:

1. Bath caddy

Relax and enjoy your bath while you let your bath caddy do all of the hard work. These are awesome! They will hold all of your favorite bath accessories (continued below) while keeping everything dry and above the bathtub. Shop my favorite bath caddies:

2. Bath pillow

Have you ever laid back in your bathtub and your hair got wet or the tub was cold? Rest assured with a bath pillow! Not to mention these comfy bath pillows will enhance your relaxation without anything to worry about.

3. Bath bomb or bath salts

Bath bombs are a must for your bath! They will dissolve and fill the water with oils, smells, colors, glitter and so much more.

4. Candle

In addition to bath bombs, add a candle to your bath for added relaxation and stress relief.

5. Portable speaker or headphones

Put on some good music to help with your bath ambiance. Sing along to your favorite tunes or play some slow music and sit back. Spotify has so many fun playlists, including “songs you can sing in the shower.”

6. Eye mask

Relax your eyes with an eye mask!

7. A good book, magazine or your iPad.

Dive in to Stassi Schroeder or Reese Witherspoon’s books for extra entertainment! You can also place your iPad on your bath caddy and catch up on your favorite shows.

8. Wine in a cute wine glass!

This is a given, but add some wine to your bath. Your cup can sit on your caddy so you don’t have to worry about holding it during your bath.

9. Flowers

This one is optional, but I feel like flowers just make everything better! Add them to the bath or around the bath to boost your relaxation mood.

10. Chocolate

What’s a bath without chocolate? (most of the baths I take). Make it the perfect bath by treating yourself.

What are your top essentials for the perfect bath?


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