The top 10 tips for the perfect housewarming party

Hi friends! Are you looking for tips on how to throw the perfect housewarming party? Look no further, here are 10 tips I found helpful when planning one:

Buy a house

This is the first and most important step. Buy/rent/book a house for the party!

Wait a couple of months to have the party

My recommendation is to wait at least 3 months. It sounds like a long time, but you will want to make sure that you’re settled. We planned ours in two months and did not account for all of the other weekends we had commitments/we were going out of town and had to move out of our previous home. Wait a couple of months, you’ll thank me later.

Send out the invitations on paperless post

If you’re throwing a housewarming, you’re adulting, congrats! What is more adulting than a paperless post invitation? Long gone are the days of Facebook events (jk I still make them), but paperless post is awesome because they have so many cute designs AND you can keep track of the guest list in one place. You can also add in a lot of details and change anything. The only difference is a Facebook event will notify attendees when there is a change and remind them on the event day.

Serve food and snacks

If it’s in the summer, throw a BBQ so you can make burgers, hot dogs and bratwurst. Everyone likes these and it’s easy to feed a lot of people. Bonus – show off your new grill and cooking utensils. But, make sure to have some type of food at your party and let guests know on the invite so they know if they should eat before or come hungry. This is such a cute idea for a burger bar, I wish I saw it before our party:

Get decorations from Amazon

This is a no brainer, but my bestie got the cutest decorations from Amazon for our party. Check out these banners and house warming decorations:

Create a Photo Booth from decorations

Your first housewarming, make it memorable with a Photo Booth. You can buy the decorations from Amazon and make it yourself easily. We still have our photo booth up and it’s a fun way to take pictures with friends and remember the event!

Shop the look:

Get a wine cork letter sign

Another idea from my bestie, she’s super creative. She bought us the cutest H acrylic letter sign and everyone could sign a cork and put it in the letter sign. Such a fun idea and now we can carry on the tradition every time there is a special event and add our own cork to the sign.

Shop Wine cork signs:

Have a stock the bar party or make a registry

People will want to bring you a present to celebrate your new house. If you just had a wedding or don’t have specific gifts in mind, have a stock the bar party. This is a fun way for guests to help you stock your bar and an excuse to buy a bar cart. Check out some of my favorite bar carts:

Provide the drinks for your guests

Food and drinks are a must for your housewarming. Especially if you’re having a stock the bar party, make sure to provide drinks for your guest. We had margaritas, sangria, wine and beer along with more drinks our friends brought to share with our guests.

Make a playlist and make sure Alexa is set up

Rookie mistake here. We did not have a playlist or Alexa set up for our party. Everyone loves music and it’s an excuse to belt your heart out with your friends in front of the photo booth. Karaoke is also a good idea 🙂

I hope you found these tips helpful! What other tips do you have for a housewarming?


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