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Our Engagement Story

In honor of our engagement anniversary week (if you know me, you know I love celebrating anything and everything)! I wanted to share more about my husband and I so you can get a glimpse into our lives and celebrate with us!

How we met:

We will start with how we met. I feel like I will look back on this story and read it to our great-grandchildren one day! One Friday night in May of 2013, love (or margaritas) was in the air. I had just moved back to my hometown (literally that week) and decided to go out with some friends. 

At the first place we went to, there was a huge line to get in the bar. With the liquid courage I had, I tried cutting in line in front of this handsome guy without saying anything. He called me out right away (little did I know he would be my husband one day). Fortunately, one of the friends I was with actually knew him and introduced us!

From the minute I met my husband, I knew there was something different about him. He was also super sassy. All of my friends joked that I had met my match (apparently, I can be sassy too). He even joked that there was only an 80% chance he would remember my name, which he thought was a compliment.

We spent the whole night talking and getting to know each other. We discovered that we had a lot in common; from growing up in the same metroplex to graduating from the same college (what are the odds! Very good since we both stayed in the same state), a lot of mutual friends and we were both starting graduate school that fall. The night even included us texting while sitting next to each other in our friend’s car giggling and laughing. 

The minute I got home that night, I told my girlfriends all about him. I had a feeling there was something special about my husband from the night we met.

How he proposed:

We had been dating for four years and I was excited for the next step in our relationship. I started hinting (or directly sending) types of ring styles I liked. My husband would just laugh, he thought it was funny, I thought differently 🙂

Shortly after, my husband told me he was going to start learning Greek. I am not good at secrets or surprises and I almost always accidentally ruin them so naturally, I started asking a million questions. My husband answered my questions very well and I didn’t suspect anything at this point. Then we went to brunch with a friend who turned to me and said: “Are you excited about your trip to Greece?” I immediately raised my eyes all excited and turned to my husband and said: “ARE WE GOING TO GREECE!!” He panicked and then said “yes…suprise…”

From that moment, in March, I couldn’t wait for our trip in July. My husband planned to propose in July so you can only imagine his excitement of me asking questions every day for months about our “surprise” trip. He says it was a blessing in disguise because no way would he have been able to keep this big of a surprise trip from me. 

When we got to Greece, it could not have been more perfect (besides the weather, which needed to be a little more breezy in my opinion because Greece is hot in July!). Patrick had researched a lot about Greece and different locations he could propose. Luckily, he ran his idea by some family and friends and they helped him pick the place and the time (he was planning to do it in the middle of the day and they, fortunately, suggested sunset). Pictures would have looked a little different in the middle of the day with us dripping sweat and my hair flying everywhere.

He proposed at Aphrodite’s Rock (the goddess of love) at sunset, so romantic! He got down on one knee and popped the question. Patrick was so nervous that he couldn’t put the ring on at first. I helped him with that part very quickly!! 

It was seriously the trip of a lifetime and we are still reminiscing about the whole trip. There could not have been a better way to kickstart our journey to get married.

If you haven’t been to Greece or are planning to go soon, stay tuned for my travel guide (coming soon)! We can’t wait to go back. 

How did you or your significant other propose!? Did you know it was coming? Thanks for celebrating our engagement anniversary with us!


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