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Hi friends! The big question of the day, the week and the weekend in our house is always what to watch on Netflix, especially while in quarantine. I’m rounding up a list of must-see shows we’ve been binging as well as some we couldn’t get into, but you may be interested in. I will continue to update this list as well!

Shows we’ve loved:

Dark comedy/thrillers:

  • Dead to Me
    One of my favorites – Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are the stars of this show. It’s about a grieving woman who befriends another woman at group therapy who find out secrets about their significant others along the way. There are two seasons out now so start binging and make sure to get through the first episode.
  • How to get away with Murder
    I’m sad and happy we didn’t get into this until quarantine. Sad because we’ve been missing out on this great show for years! But also happy because we were able to binge all of it through quarantine. This is about a teacher and a couple of her A-Team students that become entwined in a murder plot. Six seasons to binge! I’ll be honest a couple of episodes are a little slow here and there but a very interesting must-watch show.
  • Lucifer
    If you know me, you know I’ve been talking about this show for a while. I received this recommendation from a coworker and it’s definitely one of my favorite shows. It’s about the Devil, Lucifer, who moves to Los Angeles and becomes a consultant for the LAPD. Lots of comedy and mystery with this show. I seriously can’t wait until the fifth season!
  • You
    A psychological thriller where Dan from Gossip Girl is all grown up and very creepy! He “falls” in love with women and then goes to extreme measures to show them. If you get nightmares easily, be careful watching this at night! 2 seasons so far!
  • Ozarks
    I have mixed feelings about this one. I know it’s super popular and my husband loves it, I will binge watch it but sometimes it’s a little slow for me. It’s about a financial planner who moves his family to the Ozarks after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong. Three seasons are available.
  • Breaking bad
    Breaking bad is about a high school Chemistry teacher diagnosed with lung cancer who starts an illegal side job to secure more money for his family. Five seasons to binge. A couple of slow parts, but overall a show to binge. Better call Saul is the prequel of Breaking Bad. I was not able to get through the first couple of episodes, but my husband loved it and finished all five seasons on Netflix.
  • Dexter
    This is similar to Lucifer but I find Lucifer much funnier. Dexter is about a forensic analyst for the Miami police, but at night he has a different job. Eight seasons to binge!
  • Suits
    The New York legal show that keeps you on your toes through comedy and drama and who doesn’t love the two main characters – Gabriel Macht and Patrick J Adams. Meghan Markle appears in the first couple of seasons.
  • Riverdale
    Riverdale is an American drama based on the characters or Archie comics, where the main character, Archie and his friends become entangled in a Riverdale mystery. Four seasons to watch. The third season is a little stranger than the rest, but if you like games and mystery, you will definitely enjoy it!
  • White Lines
    This is an interesting one. It’s about a girl who leaves her quiet life at home and goes to Ibiza to find out the details of her brother’s disappearance. Only ten episodes, but I really wonder if this show will come back for a second season!

Comedy and reality TV:

  • Parks and Recreation
    Amy Poehler is pure gold in this TV series. It’s about a group of people that work for the city and pursue projects to make their city better. Seven seasons to binge!
  • The Office
    Who hasn’t heard of Michael Scott? The Office is about a group of office workers and their daily lives that sell paper. Nine seasons to binge. You won’t want to stop watching! Very funny show.
  • Scrubs
    I don’t know what took me so long to watch Scrubs, but it’s hilarious! First year residents navigate through their careers, their friendships and relationships.
  • Desparate Housewives
    In the quiet neighborhood of Wisteria Lane, this comedy (and sometimes drama) follow four housewives through their life changes over time. 8 seasons!
  • Workin’ Moms
    This is another interesting one. This is about a group of moms that return to work after maternity leave while navigating their new challenges. It’s a Canadian sitcom. Four seasons.
  • Selling Sunset
    Reality TV show that follows real estate agents in California as they navigate their professional and personal lives. Only two season out, but a third is coming out in August. If you liked The Hills, The City or Music City, you’ll love this show as it’s the same creator.
  • Too hot to handle
    I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes, this show is ridiculous but a must watch if you like Bachelor in Paradise or any MTV show. This a reality dating show where they bring together a group of people and put money on the line if they can follow a couple of small rules. Only nine episodes, but it will keep you watching to the end to see if they win the money.


  • Babies
    I don’t think this one will come as any surprise to any other expecting parents out there! This is a documentary on babies that reveals how infants discover life during their first year 🙂 We’ve only watched the first season, but season two just came out.
  • Tiger King
    An American true crime documentary about the life of zookeepers and people who want to take them down. Seven episodes, definitely a binge-watch.
  • Waco
    A documentary about the branch davidians and the shoutout ATF, leading into the ongoing 50+ day negotiations with FBI.
  • Patriot Day
    This is a documentary about the Boston Marathon bombings and the manhunt that followed.
  • Athlete A
    This documentary is a true story about the gymnasts who survived the USA Gymnastics doctor that took advantage of them. Very powerful show.
  • Jeffrey Epstein
    We watched this documentary very recently when it was all over the media. If you want to understand what happened and why this is in the media, you’ll want to watch this documentary, but it is very alarming.

Recommendations we received, but weren’t into:

  • Love is Blind
    My reality TV friends are going to be sad, but I couldn’t get into this show. The first episode starts with two people talking through a wall to get to know each other and see if they fall in love to see if “Love is Blind.” If you want to see what happens next, start watching. Eleven episodes.
  • Cheer
    As excited as I am for Jerry and the Navarro Cheerleaders, I could not get into this documentary. It’s only six episodes so if you want to learn more about these championship-winning cheerleaders, watch this show.
  • Sweet Magnolias
    A sweet series that follows three life long friends as they work through family, careers and relationships in their small town. Has the daughter from Reba! It’s cute, but not enough drama for me. Ten episodes.
  • Outer Banks
    Outer Banks follows a group of teenagers in the Outer Banks as they work to find out what happened to their missing father. Ten episodes.
  • 30 Rock
    I thought I would love this show with Tina Fey after the Office and Parks and Recreation but I couldn’t get into it. The show is about a boss who must manage relationships with the star and producer of the variety show. Seven seasons available!
  • Dirty John
    A true crime story where a tale of love goes wrong. There are two seasons available on Netflix.
  • Community
    This comedy follows a group of outcasts in community college. A little slow for me, but I know this is a classic comedy. Six seasons available.
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    This comedy follows a group of colleagues that work for the NYPD. Seven seasons available to watch.

Movies out on Redbox we loved:

  • Impractical Jokers the movie
    If you like the TV show, you are going to love the movie! Definitely a must watch that will have you laughing for two hours. Can’t wait for the next one!
  • Trolls World Tour (kid’s movie)
    I loved the first Trolls so I couldn’t wait for the second one! Very cute movie about one queen trying to take over all of the trolls with one music, Rock and Roll. Queen Poppy and her friends try to save all of the trolls.
  • Once upon a time in Hollywood
    Leo and Brad Pritt! Beware, this move is almost three hours long! An actor and his stunt double work to achieve success in HollyWood.
  • Knives Out
    This movie is about a master detective investigating the patriarch’s death after a family gathering goes wrong.

Hope you found a new show or two to watch! What are you binge-watching on Netflix!? Leave a recommendation for a must watch or one you weren’t very into in the comments!


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