5 tips to throw the ultimate bridal shower

If you can’t be together to celebrate the day, celebrate the bride-to-be in a different way – virtually! You can still send your gifts and love from afar to let the bride-to-be know how loved they are. This is also a great way to include family and friends that live out of town and would have been unable to attend an in person event, so really it’s a win-win!

I recently threw my friend a virtual bridal shower and I wanted to round up the ideas I used as I know a lot of people are looking for ideas!

  1. Send invitations
    Even though it’s a virtual event, you can still send invitations! My two favorite options are Evite and Paperless post. Evite is a social-planning website for creating, sending, and managing online invitations. You can also use the platform for video chat or you can use a zoom link. Paperless Post is an online invitation company. Not to mention, the prices are very reasonable. In the invitations, encourage everyone to send gifts before the shower. Ask the bride-to-be to put the gifts in a certain place so they can “open” the gifts and show them off during the shower.

  2. Decorations
    With any event, decorations add a nice touch. With a virtual event, decorations add a nice background the bride can sit in front of. Decorations are also a must for the person you are celebrating. Get the bride a sash, crown, or flower crown (as you would at an in person shower.) To make the decorations extra special, ask all of the attendees to send a picture of themselves and the bride so they can be there in spirit. I used the decorations above and accidentally popped the “r” in bride so make sure not to blow the balloons up too much! Another fun touch is a “drinking buddy” so the bride doesn’t feel lonely 🙂

  3. Send a fun treat before the event
    Snacks are always a must at any event, but definitely for the bride-to-be. Send a fun treat before the event so the bride has something to snack on. From Tiff’s Treats to Sprinkles to Edible Arrangements, there are lots of (delicious) options. I loved this cupcake box that says “bride-to-be” from Sprinkles (and they deliver)!

  4. Have a signature drink everyone can make it home
    A recipe for a cocktail, mocktail or dessert is another fun touch! If the bride has a certain signature drink they enjoy, encourage everyone to make it at home so it will still feel like everyone is drinking together! Lots of great options and recipes on Pinterest or think about the bride or family’s favorite drinks! To make it even more fun for the bride, get her a fun drinking cup like a bride goblet or tumblr!

  5. Encourage everyone to wear the colors of the wedding
    I loved this idea! Wear the colors of the wedding, which also makes for a good photo opportunity! The bride has been planning and thinking about her wedding for a while. This is another way to get in the spirit and celebrate her!

To kick off the event, start with an easy question for the ice breaker. Ask everyone to give one piece of advice to the bride or where they went on their honeymoon.

After the ice breaker, have the bride show all of the gifts they’ve received.

After the gift reveal, play some games! There are a lot of ideas and printables online. You can come up with some fun questions/games to play to get everyone involved. Two games I always love are “what did the groom say” or “who’s more likely – the bride or groom.” Bonus points if both the bride and groom are there to play! This will always spark funny answers and stories that will get everyone involved.

One additional tip, if the bride had to change her wedding date, send the happy couple a treat or two on the day they were supposed to get married to let them know you’re thinking about them!

What other tips do you have to throw a virtual shower? These ideas can also be used for a baby shower! Hope this has been helpful!


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