Pregnancy must haves you didn’t know you needed

Now that I am in my third trimester, I wanted to round-up my pregnancy must haves from sleeping to comfort to health to morning sickness that every momma-to-be will need! Whether it’s your first pregnancy or last, hopefully these items will help you through those long nine (even though it’s usually ten!) months.

Sleeping: Obviously sleep is at the top of my list, one of my favorite past-times and so important during pregnancy!

  • Tempur-pedic mattress and pillow – first on the list. We bought a tempur-pedic mattress last year and it was THE BEST DECISION ever. I knew I wanted a comfortable bed and this was a game changer. It really molds to your shape and you can sink into it. No more waking up when my hubs gets up, half the time I don’t even know if he is in the bed or not. So really it’s multipurpose!
  • Pregnancy pillow – another game changer. I got this early on in my first trimester and I am so glad I did. There are a couple different styles out there from a “C” to a “U” to a small pillow to put between your legs, but whatever kind, you will want one. I got the “U” shape and I am so glad I did since it makes it easier to keep me in one place at night and makes it easier to sleep on my left side. It also helps balance my growing belly on the pillow and take some weight off of my body. My husband likes it because I don’t come over to “his side” at night, so saves your marriage and your pregnancy! I am actually laying on mine while I write this post 🙂
  • Sleep mask (and ice mask) – whether you are a light sleeper due to noise or light, or just want a restful sleep, I highly recommend a sleep mask. I never slept with one before but now I use it for a better night’s sleep. Also linking an ice mask, which helps with headaches and cooling down.

Comfort: there’s a baby growing inside of you, make sure you’re comfortable!

  • Maternity belt – I used this more in my first trimester when you’re in the in between stages of just growing out of normal clothes and before you are in maternity clothes. You can use this belt with any kind of pants as well, doesn’t have to be jeans! I used this with my regular black work pants. There’s all different sizes and colors.
  • Belly bands – belly bands are great to support your lower back and abdomen during pregnancy. They can also be worn after pregnancy for support. I like these because they are supportive during daily activities but also makes you feel a little lighter with your ever growing belly.
  • Massager – do I really need to say more? Whether it’s for your feet, back, neck, or any other spot on your body, definitely a must have. I get these random sore spots on my hands and arms, and the point pressure massager really helps! I also like using all three massagers at one time, if you can’t get a prenatal massage, it’s the next best thing 🙂 A girl’s gotta be comfy, right!
  • Long iPhone charger – is there anything worse than not being able to use your phone while it’s charging? Whether you’re sucked into the couch or just don’t want to get up at night to use your phone, a long iPhone charger will be helpful!

Health and stretch marks:

  • Slushy machine – I’m categorizing this under health! If you’re pregnant in the summer or just can’t get enough slushees, icees, or popsicles, this is a must! I tried two different slushy machines (both under $50), linking them here! Best part is they will last after pregnancy so you can continue using them!
  • Prenatal vitamins – before I was pregnant, I took the prenatal gummie vitamins and once I found out I was pregnant, I switched to a pill vitamin. There are so many options on the market and narrowing them down can be difficult, here are a couple of options I liked. I take them in the evening instead of the morning because of my morning sickness.
  • Cocoa butter – everyone swears by cocoa butter for stretch marks! I switch off between this cream and the two below.
  • Burts bees mama bee – I really like this belly butter! Smells so good and goes on really smooth!
  • Bio oil – pretty sure the Kardashians swear by this product for stretch marks LOL but I initially got it because my sister-in-law said it helped! I like the creams a little better than the oil, but I switch off between them.

Hair: as I mentioned in my previous post, my hair is so dry because of my pregnancy! It looks like I have dandruff (my dermatologist said it was completely normal) so I’ve tried a couple of different products to help!

  • Detangler (and scalp massager) – sometimes the “dandruff” or “flakes” become tangled after sleeping (who knows what I do in my sleep!) and it’s so hard to get the knot out. The detangler has been a huge help! Sometimes I take it in the shower and use it right after shampoo and conditioner.
  • Shampoo and conditioner – I switched up my shampoo and conditioner during pregnancy and I love these new products I found! Definitely helps with the dry hair and I can tell a difference, but doesn’t completely fix the dryness or flakes.
  • One-step hair dryer and brush – I know this one is super popular but my husband actually bought this for me for Christmas last year and it’s one of my favorite hair products. Really does smooth my hair and gives it a nice effect, but takes a little longer to dry so sometimes I use a regular hair dryer first and then will use this product for that effortless salon look.
  • Dry shampoo and liquid pearl smoothing serum – linking some of my favorite options. Dry shampoo is not only a must for pregnancy but also for covid, when is the last time you washed your hair? Lol! I also heard dry shampoo is nice for after labor and delivery if you don’t want to wash your hair at the hospital.

Morning sickness: as I mentioned in my previous post, I had morning and evening sickness so I tried every option possible, here are a few items that actually helped!

  • Preggie pops – number 1 product that helped me. Just have to eat one in time and this will really help. Has Vitamin B6 and a couple of different flavors!
  • Sea bands – these worked to an extent. I bought cheaper ones to try it, and if they were on the pressure point at the right time, they did help. But I didn’t have them on all day long, I’d put them on right when I started to feel queasy and would have to push them down on them.
  • Gin gins – usually not a fan of ginger candy, but I did enjoy these. The preggie pops work better, but these were a nice change. Like ginger gum drops!


  • Maternity leggings – need I say more? If you didn’t already live in leggings before, you definitely will during pregnancy so it’s nice these are made for that ever growing belly.
  • Slippers and fuzzy socks – these slippers and fuzzy socks are so comfortable! I always look for socks that will stay in place so you don’t have to continuously pull them up and these are a great option, not to mention very cute! Will be taking these to the hospital.
  • Night gowns – I never wore these before pregnancy, but honestly they are so much more comfortable than pajama tops and bottoms. It’s like a comfy flowy dress and I know these will come in handy once baby is here too!
  • Robe – I love a good robe! These options are so comfortable and easy to throw on, I know I will use these after pregnancy as well.
  • Tank tops – whether you are working out or just lounging around the house, I really like these tank tops. Breathable, comfortable, stretchy and will be perfect when baby is here.
  • Nursing bras and sports bras – love how comfortable maternity bras are!

Hope you found these tips helpful! What are your pregnancy must haves?

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