Amazon home finds under $40 to declutter and make life easier

With a baby on the way (and with covid causing us to stay home more), we’ve been doing lots of organization and cleaning, but no matter how much cleaning we do, our counters are always messy! If there’s one thing that makes this lady happy, it’s a clean kitchen counter. As we’ve been cleaning and organizing, I’ve been finding some great products that help declutter and make life easier!

Kitchen organization:

  • Mail rack – sick of mail all over your counter tops? Same! I bought this simple mail rack and it has really cut down on the clutter, not to mention easily organizes mail.
  • Wine rack – as mentioned above, avid wine lover over here but I hate having multiple bottles out on the counter that take up space. Meet this nifty wine rack! I also really like that I don’t have to fill it with 6 bottles at all time and it still looks nice.
  • Spice rack – you wouldn’t be able to tell from the amount of spice bottles we have that we don’t cook that much, but we have a ton of spices! Linking two different options – the spice rack that easily goes on the door and the spice rack container. We use the spice rack on the door and really like that option because it doesn’t take up too much space.
  • Fridge containers – not only do these look nice, but they hold more items so you can put more on a your fridge shelf, especially if you need more space.
  • Towel holder and hooks – if you’re a washing hands feen like me, you have towels and paper towels around the kitchen sink. I would fold the towels and then 5 min later they would be thrown away or laying around the sink and I could never tell if they were clean or dry. Then I saw the towel holder and towel hooks! The towel holder looks nice on the counter and towel hooks can be on the inside or outside of cabinet doors below the sink.
  • Clean/Dirty magnetic dishwasher sign – I don’t know why we didn’t get one of these sooner! Never know if the dishes are clean or dirty? Now you’ll always know! The key is to make sure and turn it to clean when you’re about the run the dishwasher and dirty as soon as you empty it. Super reasonable price as well!
  • Dry erase board/dry erase calendar board – whether you need to write down a grocery list or remember your social calendar of events, love these!

Pantry organization:

  • Cereal containers – tired of bulky boxes and want that clean, organized looking panty you see on other blogger’s sites or TV? These cereal/snack containers are great and keep food fresh longer.
  • Kpod holder – stocked up on kpods but running out of space and don’t want to use the boxes? Try this kpod holder. I keep extras in a big frozen bag but I’ve also seen people dedicate a full drawer to extra kpod holders with these drawer dividers.
  • Magnetic chip clips – are you never able to find a chip clip when you need it most? Next thing you know, your snacks are stale! Look no further, these chip clips are magnetic so you can easily have them on the fridge and have easy access to them whenever you need them.
  • Shelf lifters – cans on cans on cans? We know the feeling. These shelf lifters are like an optical illusion, but great at organizing and storing multiple cans and then you can actually see them! Win-win.
  • Pan organizers – love how this organizer keeps all of your pans in one place and takes up less space in cabinets! Only tricky part is getting the pans out of the organizer without all of them falling over 🙂
  • Supreme snack organizer – all of your favorite snacks organized at the touch of your finger! Love that you can throw away the boxes that take up a lot of space as well.

Electronics (to make life easier, some of these are a little more than $40!):

  • Alexa (echo dot) – the better version of Siri! Whether you’re cooking, wanting to listen to music or need to set a quick reminder, Alexa is super helpful around the house.
  • Eufy – I’ve never been happier with a vacuum in my life. I haven’t tried a Roomba so I am not sure how they compare, but this is a game changer. A scheduled cleaning robot vacuum to use around the house with the touch of your phone. As much as I love our wood floors, they collect dust so easily and quickly. We could vacuum one morning and by the next day, I could see the dust. We use this vacuum on weekdays, but will still use a handheld vacuum if we are deep cleaning or preparing for guests.
  • iPad holder – I don’t know what took us so long to get one but this is super handy to have in the kitchen! I like how tall it is too so we can use it when cooking or watching a quick YouTube video. Also I know this will come in handy when baby is here.
  • long iPhone charger – Is there anything worse than not being able to use your phone while charging? Meet one of my favorite products – a long iPhone charger!
  • Electric wine opener – as an avid wine lover, an electric wine opener is a great invention! No more using all your strength and muscle and sweat to open wine, just quickly put on this device and press a button. Also linking the Coravin, this great invention that pokes a hole in the cork if you just want one glass of wine and don’t want to drink the whole bottle. Great preserving option.

What other products do you use to declutter? Hope this was helpful!


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