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Wedding planning during covid Q & A with Kate!

Hi friends! Ever had a major life event postponed due to a pandemic!? I know a lot of you are stressed dealing with planning or HAVING a wedding during covid, so I asked my friend Kate to provide some helpful advice and tips she’s used during this time!

Hi, I am Kate! I am a Delaware native who has officially turned Texan, which is where I have resided for almost 8 years now. I’m 30 years old and engaged to the love of my life, Wandrille (he’s French, we call him Wany for short!). We met at school in New York City and have two adorable dogs, Barney and Bentley. I love to travel (when there is not a pandemic), dance, eat great food and drink delicious wine!

I’ve been planning my wedding since August 2018. Our original wedding date was May 16, 2020 and we sadly had to push it to October 30, 2020, so you can only imagine the fun I’ve been dealing with! Not to mention, we are expecting 275 guests :). I am no expert at planning or having a wedding during covid, but Amanda asked me to share some tips and resources I’ve used. This was also therapeutic to write so I hope it helps!

  1. What advice do you have for other brides having or planning a wedding during covid?
    • My number one piece of advice is to not seek feedback from too many people. It’s a very stressful time to plan a wedding, let alone in COVID. I found myself asking people questions and when they gave their opinion, I would get extremely frustrated because I did not agree. Be selective on who you seek guidance from. Not everyone has gone through the stress of dealing with a pandemic on top of wedding planning, so they may not understand. Listen to the feedback and then make your own decision based on your gut feeling and what YOU want to do.
    • Leverage the knot’s guest management tool to help keep track of which guests are coming. Be sure to add in phone numbers for each guest; that is how I sent my mass text and consolidated all phone numbers into a single file.
    • Ordering new items with the new date – I had to reorder a bunch of new items that had our old date on them (such as a guest book and welcome sign). Tell the vendor (or wherever you purchased the item from) that you have to change the date and move your wedding because of COVID. They will most likely give you a new discounted item, or even send a new item for free!
    • Be flexible when trying to decide on a new date – Consider Friday as a day to have the wedding! Our venue books out pretty far in advance, so we had to be flexible in dates if we wanted to get married in 2020. We decided to have our wedding on a Friday, which turned out to be even better to allow guests to explore our hometown for more time over the weekend. Sometimes a different day can even be cheaper!

  2. How did you communicate with guests and vendors about wedding changes?
    • When we initially decided to move the wedding, the first thing I did was find a date that worked for the church and venue. Once that was squared away, I worked with all the vendors to see if they were available. I simply called, texted and emailed the vendors and they got back to me very quickly and were willing to work with me. To let guests know of the changes, we sent out a mass text message through It was extremely cheap to send a text message to a group of >250 people. We also updated our wedding website with the new details to point guests to.

  3. What tips do you have for handling stress of last minute changes and guests asking if your wedding date will still happen?
    • Take a deeeeeeeeeeeeep breath. Then, just respond with the honest truth – whether or not it is changing and the new itinerary. If you don’t know yet, say you don’t know yet, but you will let them know as soon as you can!

  4. How did you manage calling all vendors/venue/hotel to update them?
    • I made a check list of all the vendors I needed to reach out to. Once I confirmed they were good with the new date, I made a note of that next to their name and kept moving down the list. One at a time, you will make it through the list.

  5. Will you celebrate two wedding dates for your anniversary moving forward?
    • As much as I love to celebrate (and Amanda does too!), we will only celebrate the new date of our wedding. I don’t need that memory of a ghost wedding!

  6. Did you and your fiancé do anything special on your original wedding date?
    • We drank wine. A lot of wine. And went out to a nice dinner where we made jokes and laughed about what we would have been doing at the wedding in that moment. 🙂 Even though we didn’t get married on the day, it was still special to do something fun together and celebrate!

  7. Are you planning to incorporate any “covid” themes into your wedding?
    • Yes! We have added face masks to our list of wedding favors. Thank goodness for etsy and creative ideas! We have ordered masks that say “quarantined for life” with our names and wedding date. I think they are cute and also funny. We can’t wait to see our guests wearing them and have a special memory of the day!

  8. Have you seen any positives from extending your wedding date?
    • I have had to focus a lot on the positives, especially during such a stressful time. Here are a few things that are definitely a plus: we have had more time to save money, the wedding is now during off-season at the beach which means less traffic, cheaper flights for guests, and cheaper hotel room rates. Even though it’s hard to focus on the positives, there are still silver linings in moving your wedding out. Try to remember the reason you’re getting married and focus on the positives (easier said than done, I know!).

  9. What are you most excited about for your wedding day?
    • I am most excited to have our family and friends we adore (minus some that aren’t able to make it now because of COVID) witnessing our marriage and love all under one roof.

  10. What are your honeymoon plans?
    • We have decided to wait until the pandemic is over so we can continue our plans for New Zealand and maybe some french polynesian islands! The plus side to that is, we can save more vacation days and money to make it an even bigger trip than we anticipated. See – there are still positives, even when it doesn’t feel like it 🙂

  11. Any other pieces or advice or tips to help other brides?
    • It’s OK to be angry and upset. Cry! Let it out! We dream about this day for a long time and then all of a sudden when it is ripped away, it’s really hard to let it go. Especially with no one to blame. Just remember, it’s OK to grieve it. We have to be thankful to be alive and at least we have someone to help us get through it. 🙂

What other tips do you have for planning or having a wedding during covid? Hope these helped you!


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