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13 tips to celebrate Halloween at home

With Halloween on a Saturday this year, there are so many fun ways you can celebrate at home! Here are 13 tips:

1. Decorations – always at the top of the list! Is any party complete without decorations? Whether they are cute or scary, decorations set the atmosphere for any holiday!

2. Dress up in costumes or wear scary fun shirts! Use decorations to set up a photobooth, take pictures with different outfits or experiment with halloween makeup! Great way to remember the evening (and year of covid Halloween!)

3. Carve or paint pumpkins – always a must! Is it even Halloween without pumpkins!? I love the idea of painting pumpkins and I think it’s so much easier than carving! Have a contest to see which pumpkin turns out the best.

4. Bake pumpkin seeds – if you carve pumpkins, bake the pumpkin seeds as a delicious snack.

5. Use a Ouija board – now this takes me back! Gather around the ouija board (with only candles and flashlights) and ask the spirits all of the questions you’ve been dying to know!

6. Dig out Easter eggs and have a candy hunt! Decorate the Easter eggs (bonus if you only use orange eggs) and hide them all around your place with surprises inside!

7. Make scary good drinks – enjoy your night with Halloween hot chocolate, witches brew or candy corn shots! Easy to make and delicious, check out Pinterest for all of the different drinks imaginable.

8. Make a candy or dessert board – forget a charcuterie board, a dessert board is where it’s at! Another Pinterest idea to browse, there are so many different options to recreate! There are also a ton of different food options like mummy hotdogs or a smiling pumpkin pizza! Get creative and make it your own.

9. Watch scary movies – whether you like IT, Beetlejuice or a classic like Hocus Pocus (more of my style), round up all of your favorites for a marathon movie night.

10. Tell ghost stories – doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a kid, tell ghost stories in the dark with a flashlight!

11. Bob for apples – this was a suggestion from my husband. Pretty self explanatory, but make it interesting with a prize or let the winner make a rule everyone has to follow for an hour!

12. Listen to Halloween music – play the monster mash, dance to thriller or listen to the rocky horror picture show. Spotify or pandora will have great Halloween music playlists.

13. Sonic will have 50 cent corn dogs all day on October 31! I know this isn’t technically “a way to celebrate at home,” but it is still a fun way to celebrate the day. A real Halloween tradition 🎃

Hope you found these tips helpful! How will you be celebrating the day?


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